Luxembourg coat-of-arms

Luxembourg Sovereigns
since 963

edited by Gary Little

Years of ReignSovereignDate of BirthDate of DeathRelationship
House of the Ardennes (963-1136)
 963- 998Sigefroid???998 
 998-1026Henri I96427-Feb-1026son of Sigefroid
1026-1047Henri II99014-Oct-1047nephew of Henri I
1047-1059Giselbert99514-Aug-1059brother of Henri II
1059-1086Conrad I
(first Count of Luxembourg)
10408-Aug-1086son of Giselbert
1086-1096Henri III10701096son of Conrad I
1096-1129Guillaume10701129brother of Henri III
1129-1136Conrad II11061136son of Guillaume
House of Namur (1136-1247)
1136-1196Henri IV the Blind11131196cousin of Conrad II
1196-1247Ermesinde118613-Feb-1247daughter of Henri IV
House of Luxembourg-Limbourg (1247-1443)
1247-1281Henri V the Blond12211281son of Ermesinde
1281-1288Henri VI12525-May-1288son of Henri V
1288-1310 Henri VII1274, Valenciennes24-Aug-1313son of Henri VI
1310-1346Jean the Blind129626-Aug-1346son of Henri VII
1346-1353 Charles IV14-May-1316, Prague29-Nov-1378son of Jean the Blind
1353-1383Wenceslas I
(first Duke of Luxembourg)
25-Feb-1337, Prague7-Dec-1383half-brother of Charles IV
1383-1419Wenceslas II26-Feb-1361, Nuremburg16-Aug-1419son of Charles IV
1419-1437 Sigismond15-Feb-1368, Nuremburg9-Dec-1437half-brother of Wenceslas II
1437-1439 Albert II of Austria10-Aug-139727-Oct-1439son-in-law of Sigismond
1439-1443Guillaume of Saxony??????son-in-law of Albert of Austria
Burgundian Dominion (1443-1506)
1443-1467Philip the Good31-Jul-1396, Dijon15-Jun-1467 
1467-1477Charles the Bold10-Nov-1433, Dijon5-Jan-1477son of Philip the Good
1477-1482Marie of Burgundy
( Maximilian I of Austria)
(22-Mar-1459, Weiner Neustadt)
daughter of Charles the Bold
1482-1506Philip the Fair
(Juana of Spain)
(6-Nov-1479, Toledo)
son of Marie of Burgundy
First Spanish Dominion (1506-1684)
1506-1555Charles V25-Feb-1500, Ghent19-Sep-1558son of Philip the Fair
1555-1598Philip II21-May-1527, Valladolid13-Sep-1598son of Charles V
(Albert of Austria)
daughter of Philip II
1621-1665Philip IV8-Apr-160517-Sep-1665grandson of Philip II
1665-1684Charles II11-Nov-16611-Nov-1700son of Philip IV
First French Dominion (1684-1698)
1684-1698Louis XIV5-Sep-16381-Sep-1715 
Second Spanish Dominion (1698-1715)
1698-1700Charles II11-Nov-16611-Nov-1700son of Philip IV
1700-1711Philip V19-Dec-1683, Versailles9-Jul-1746great-nephew of Charles II
1711-1714Maximilian Emanuel of Bavaria?????? 
Austrian Dominion (1715-1795)
1715-1740Charles VI1-Oct-168520-Oct-1740 
1740-1780Maria Theresa13-May-1717, Vienna29-Nov-1780daughter of Charles VI
1780-1790Joseph II13-Mar-174120-Feb-1790son of Maria Theresa
1790-1792Leopold II5-May-17471-Mar-1792brother of Joseph II
1792-1795Francis II12-Feb-1768, Florence2-Mar-1835son of Leopold II
Second French Dominion (1795-1815)
1795-1804[French Republic]------ 
1804-1814Napoleon I15-Aug-1769, Ajaccio5-May-1821 
Orange-Nassau Dynasty (1815-1890)
1815-1840Guillaume I
(first Grand Duke of Luxembourg)
24-Aug-1772, The Hague12-Dec-1843 
1840-1849Guillaume II6-Dec-1792, The Hague17-Mar-1849son of Guillaume I
1849-1890Guillaume III19-Feb-1817, Brussels23-Nov-1890son of Guillaume II
Nassau-Weilburg Dynasty (from 1890)
(Regent from 10-Apr-1889 to 3-May-1890)
(Regent from 6-Nov-1890 to 23-Nov-1890)
24-Jul-1817, Biebrich17-Nov-1905 
1905-1912Guillaume IV22-Apr-1852, Biebrich25-Feb-1912son of Adolphe
(Regent from 13-Nov-1908 to 14-Jun-1912)
13-Jul-1861, Brönnbach31-Jul-1942wife of Guillaume IV
1912-1919Marie-Adélaïde14-Jun-1894, Berg24-Jan-1924daughter of Guillaume IV
1919-1964Charlotte23-Jan-1896, Berg9-Jul-1985sister of Marie-Adélaïde
1964-2000Jean5-Jan-1921, Berg son of Charlotte
2000-Henri16-Apr-1955, Betzdorf son of Jean
 Guillaume, heriditary Grand Duke11-Nov-1981, Luxembourg City son of Henri

= Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

Note: Guillaume I, Guillaume II, and Guillaume III were also Kings of the Netherlands.

Detailed Grand Duchess Charlotte family tree.

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